VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is in essence a proxy set up on a remote hosting server and if you connect to it, all your Internet traffic will go through it. This way if you open a website, the IP address that will be accessing the website will be the one of the hosting server and not your own. This service enables you to open internet sites, download files or access online services which are restricted just to certain counties assuming that the hosting server which your connection goes through is located in one of these countries. Using a Virtual private network shall also raise your online security since you won't be revealing your actual IP address and location when you access any content online. Though there are businesses which provide only Virtual private network services, we have made a decision to include Virtual private network access to all web hosting packages that we offer and at no additional charge, so you could use the service free of charge if you already host your internet sites on our hosting machines.

VPN Traffic in Hosting

If you use a hosting service from our company, you could find the VPN servers list and the login credentials that you ought to use in the respective section of your Hepsia Cp. We keep expanding the number and the location of the hosting machines all the time, so with only a few clicks you are able to hide your actual location and appear as if you are in New York or Amsterdam, for instance. This service will give you more freedom since you'll be able to access any content material that is restricted within your country either by your Internet provider or by the website offering a particular service and all it requires to achieve this is to be able to connect to any of our hosting machines. We also supply a tool, which will filter all images and any ads that show up on a given website as to boost your loading speed and to save you the additional traffic from content that you might not want to see. Our service provides you with the opportunity to access any blog, streaming service or social network around the globe easily.