It's not unusual for lots of users to use weak passwords simply because they are less difficult to remember or to use scripts, templates and plug-ins that are not updated for a long time. In either of these examples, it won't be a challenge for a hacker to take control of the Internet site and following that to take control of other Internet sites which are hosted within the same account. To avoid such a scenario, we've added an advanced security option known as JailHost. It limits the access which a script has solely to its own folder, so in the event that one of your websites is compromised, the attacker will see its content, but will not be able to access any other content inside your account, therefore the damage will be small. Of course, using JailHost won't substitute the security measures you should take by keeping your scripts up-to-date and using long and complex passwords, yet it will enable you to restrict any damage to one site only.

JailHost in Hosting

JailHost is available by default with all the hosting plans that we provide and you could activate it with only a click inside your Hepsia Control Panel. Unlike other Control Panels where add-on domains store their content inside the main domain folder, each domain or subdomain in Hepsia has its very own folder, so using JailHost can make a big difference. You'll be able to pick which sites will use this option and will be locked based on your content as you could have some website where you prefer to allow users or admins to be able to access other folders in your hosting account. Yet, this feature will add one more level of security to your sites in addition to the firewalls that we use and even if any of your sites is hacked, you will be able to restore it fast and easy using any one of the multiple daily backups of your entire account which we'll generate.